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Become a Master of Five Minute Practice


How do you find time to enjoy and develop your hobby? Or have you given up on your hobby to prioritize “the important stuff”?

I love playing the harmonica. It gives me a chance to relax, take a break from the world around me and just enjoy some “me-time”. However, it’s just a hobby so for a long time I didn’t play regularly because I felt that life forced me to prioritize “the important stuff”. But I learned that my hobby is the important stuff, if only for 5 minutes a day.

Some people even give up their hobbies or choose to call their work their hobby just to get rid of the feeling of betraying something they love. When looking at the demands of modern society and modern demands hobbies seem to be a thing of the past. Unless your work is your hobby of course. Is this the end of the line for hobbies, especially hobbies we have no intention of turning into businesses at all? Some people may argue that either turning your hobby into a business or learning to love what you do for a living to the extent that it becomes your hobby are the ways to go but I don’t agree. There is room for true hobbies that will remain hobbies and brings you joy just for that reason. Read on and I will show you how to make room for them.

The biggest problem for most is the lack of time, no suprise there. However, how we think of our hobbies is part of the lack of time. By approaching hobbies as work that require lots of time we have lost the battle even before it starts.

Remember why!
The first thing we need to do is remember why we do a hobby. If you are anything like me, you do it because you enjoy it. Your hobby is something you do for yourself and yourself alone and you would get a kick out of it even if nobody else saw the results. When you realize this you can also remove a lot of the pressure we otherwise put on ourselves. If we do something for the pure joy of it, why postpone it for only the rare occasions when we have lots of time? Why not take every chance you get.

Sure, you say, but will that not just make me a bad practicioner? Actually no, if you plan a little if can mean that you improve even faster.

The key to getting better is consistency and a great way to get consistency is to use as many short breaks as you can to practice. But to be able to use these short breaks (often around 5 minutes) you cannot expect to get all your gear out, do prep work and then do a long practice session (obviously). What you can do is identify the small things you need to improve right now. If can be a technique on your instrument that is holding you back, how you draw shadows or your breathing technique while you sing. When you know this small thing you can make arrangements to have just what you need to practice and a lot of the time you don’t need anything.

Have a plan!
To make this work you need to have a plan you trust in and you also have be very focused when you do practice your 5 minute sessions. Sloppy short sessions will do nothing for you, they are just a waste of time. Also make sure to consider what you can practice in yout mind alone, simply thinking about painting or playing your instrument while on the bus can have great impact on your hands on sessions later if you do it consistently.

For me, realizing that I can practice train rhythms on my harmonica with minimum time has meant my overall playing and breathing technique has taken a big step forward.

By becoming a master of 5 minute practice, you can take your hobby to a whole new level!

What do you do to keep your hobbies alive? Post your tips as comments, we love to read them.




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