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One could say that we’re not very special. We’ve just decided to take charge of our own lives.
And looking around us – that seems to make us special.

Join our journey – we hope to inspire, educate and entertain some people on the way.

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Fredrik Hertzberg

I was born in the south of Sweden in 1973 as the youngest brother of three. At a young age my interests were technology, music and sports. I dabbled in a number of sports (soccer, canoe, rugby, varpa etc) but it was not until I found powerlifting in my teens that I really found my sport at the time. I really got into it and had quite a bit of success with a national youth record, winning the Swedish youth championship and two years in the national team. In my teens I also dreamt of becoming a rock star, playing bass guitar in a hard rock band and this is also the time when I found my love for blues harmonica which has stayed with me ever since. When starting university I chose to give up my powerlifting career to focus fully on becoming an engineer, this meant that I basically dropped the training and fitness (if powerlifting can be put in that category) part of my life. After graduating with an M.Sc.EE I have worked in both mig and small technology companies in the south of Sweden. My roles have been in ASIC design, verification, project management and team management. When becoming a team manager I became very interested in personal development and how all parts of your life play a part in your success. Today I am married, father of one daughter, work as an engineering manager, play blues harmonica, run to get fit and seek to take my interest in personal development to the next level. This is why I am now involved in Reintegrate with my best friend Fredrik Lyhagen and I hope to take a journey together with you to truly Reintegrate our lives!

Lyhagen about Hertzberg Hertzberg is one of those guys you can’t help but to envy. He succeeds with everything he decides to do. He picked up powerlifting and went on to qualify for the National Youth team and set some national record. He won a bass guitar on a lottery, learned to play, joined a band and recorded an album. There are many examples of big and small endeavours. His secret to success is simple, yet so bloody hard to replicate: He applies himself, in a structured and disciplined way in so that it’s become a natural process to him. When MJ DeMArco says: “Luck is the residue of process” it’s as if he is describing Hertzberg. Combined with a fantastic sense of humor and very honest, down to earth approach to life it is an honour for me to play on the same team as Hertzberg.

Fredrik Lyhagen

I have +15 years of professional experience from sales, sales management, talent management and management consulting from large international IT and _DAN8653telecom companies Cisco, Telefonica, and Juniper and as an entrepreneur setting up a  management consulting company in IT service management. Having worked abroad most of my career and managed multi-national teams I have a deep appreciation of the challenges and joys of an international career.  I am Swedish, my wife is Czech, my daughter born in the Netherlands and after a detour back to Sweden we have settled down in Prague and we love it. Having just turned forty years old I still enjoy defying gravity with a heavy barbell, the accomplishment of a challenging bodyweight exercise and the feeling of freedom when running. I am still enjoying the challenges of corporate life but I am passionate about the holistic view of well being – about restoring the scattered pieces of modern life into a whole again. The journey to Reintegrate. My journey started many years ago and I travel slowly. Now I want to share my journey, to inspire and to be inspired. As a part of my own inner journey and to be better equipped to help others I set out to explore the fascinating and powerful world of life coaching and I’m a Certified Professional Coach with International Coaching Federation.

Hertzberg about Lyhagen Lyhagen is simply put the overall smartest guy I know and definitely the fittest. On top of that he is a super nice delightful guy capable of charming just about anyone.When it comes to making the world his playing field always pushing the limits and not backing down from a challenge Lyhagen is the guy I look up to every time. This is a guy who knows how to seize an opportunity even in places other people find none. If I were to sum up his way it would be: hard work, proper knowledge, fearless action and with a truckload of positive spirit. Many times have I wished I had his drive to keep fit at the same time as being a loving family man and building a successful career. His health approach is starting to rub off, good for me! All in all I am proud to be his friend and to have him in my corner. Lyhagen is my number one pick to watch my back every time.