About me

fredrik_formal_s-optimizedMy name is Fredrik Lyhagen and I am a passionate and experienced holistic life coach with over 15 years of experience working in high-level corporate management, sales, alliance management, talent management, and consulting. I’ve worked with a number of the worlds premier international IT and telecom companies, such as Cisco, Telefonica, and Juniper.

International Coaching FederationI have formal training from the IFC-accredited Corporate Coach Academy and as a current member of the International Coaching Federation, am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping people and organizations achieve their goals through holistic life coaching.

I’m originally from the south of Sweden, and went on to study at universities in both Sweden and England before setting off on an international career through Northern Europe and finally settling with my family in Prague in 2008.

Working and living abroad for most of my career gave me years of experience building and managing multi-national teams and understanding and appreciating the unique demands that it can create for those working abroad and their families.

Holistic life coaching is something I’m truly passionate about and have seen the results one can achieve when being dedicated to working towards their own personal goals. I believe that by exploring your true motivations you will gain the insight to focus on specific issues and achieve incredible results. From executive coaching to personal life coaching, any successful changes must be rooted in a person’s underlying beliefs, values, and passions in life.

My personal philosophy is also based on a commitment to holistic health that includes diet and regular exercise, which are key elements in the Reintegrate process and essential to becoming whole again.

Join me on the journey!

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