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12 blogs inspiring you to Take Charge of Your Life


In the process of creating the Reintegrate site a number of other blogs have been huge sources of inspiration. Here is a list of some that are not only inspirational but also in one way or the other exemplifies the Reintegrate message. They are in no particular order.

Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man run by Jay White is a great source for all kinds of tips for most aspects of life. This blog truly shows that life has more than one angle. The big number of guest posters guarantees that excellent information is being shared.
We really like this post as it shares an important life learning – it’s up to you to do the work, set yourself free from the past and optimize your future.

Smart Passive Income
You may be suprised to see a “make money online”-blog on this list but Smart Passive Income run by Pat Flynn is so much more than that. Pat is providing the most honest, most transparent information available today on how to run a business online. At the same time as he manages to provide great content he is also very open with how he manages to be productive, a good father and husband and balance it all. Especially interesting is his podcast episode SPI 047, Maintaining a Balanced Life.

Leo Babuta of Zenhabits is a master of providing information on how to get your shit together. Leo is mixing the mental side with health and fitness in a very natural and inspiring way. The amount of information on Zenhabits is staggering and there is no sign of the rate declining anytime soon. Leo has a unique voice in the crowded space of life coaching and he can write about the simplest things in a very thoughtful and engaging way. He post on breathing is one of our favorites.

Steve Pavlina
Steve Pavlina is all about personal development but in a truly broad aspect. Steve takes up everything from your career,  your relationships, your finaces to your mental and sprititual side. The story of Steve Pavlina is an interesting one and he has made quite a remarkable journey himself which has made him intensly passionate about personal development. Steve also offers advice on how to be a man!

all-swagga is a beautiful site, tastefully designed with great content. all-swagga is a great place to start if you are looking to become a better father or a better man. Alvin who runs all-swagga has done a great job in sorting out some of the challenges for the modern man. Someday we will ask our fathers 41 tough questions. And honestly, sometimes we wish all-swagga was our blog instead of that super-talented Alvin – it’s freaking awesome!

The Art of Manliness
On The Art of Manliness you will learn everything there is to know about the lost art of manliness. Everything from dressing, grooming, career, manly craft, health, sports to family life is covered. The site is also a great source for information for historical manliness. One of our favorite posts is “The Desk Jockey Workout: 8 Ways to Stay in Shape at the Office”, there are always ways to stay/get in shape!

Lifehack is dedicated to helping you improve your life in most ways with a slight lean towards technology and productivity. However the mental side and health is definately not left out. Being productive as a writer can be challenging and writing 2000 words per day is probably a dream for many. Lifehack shows you how.

Live Your Legend
Live Your Legend run by Scott Dinsmore is dedicated to getting you to do what you are passionate about. By finding your purpose and do what you love you will change the world for the better. Few people are as passionate about finding peoples passion as Scott.

Sources of Insight
Sources of Insight run by J.D. Meier is another great site for proven practices for personal effectiveness. Lots of career advice and advice on leadership as well. Life long learning comes up in various ways on the site.

Pick the Brain
Pick the Brain takes a wide angle on personal development much like Reintegrate. Motivation, relationships, personal development and health all come into focus on this great site.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life
What this blog is about is all in the name, it all starts with your thoughts. Control your thoughts and you control the world! Steven running CYT not only will help you reach your goals he also keeps up with the Personal Development bloggosphere and runs an annual top 50 Personal Develoment site Award.

Life Optimizer
Donald Lahtumahina who runs Life Optimizer has a goal of unleashing the full potential of himself and others. His background in IT shows in his ways of optimizing also life. Thinking and acting like a winner is the name of the game.

All these 12 blogs shows qualitites that we believe comes from reintegrating your life. What they all have in common are various degrees of a holistic view and a no bullshit approach to achieving your goals.

Which blogs do you think should have been on the list?