move freely with yoga

3 reasons real men practice yoga


Move freely while you can, it may soon be too late. And too late may come very quickly – especially if your spend you days in an office chair. So… man up and yoga!

Yoga is for women right? Real men play soccer… hmm.. no boys play soccer, let’s try again… Real men play ice-hockey, rugby, do thai-boxing and lift very heavy weights with guttural sounds. Yes, that’s very manly but I’d say the manliest workout of them all is yoga. Hear me out on this one! There is more to yoga than meets the eye.

1. A real man moves freely
Few of the traditional “manly” sports appreciate full body mobility, martial arts being the exception. Runners, footballers, ice-hockey players are typically very stiff and have poor joint mobility beyond the sport specific movements.

Yoga will develop your balance, joint mobility and  functional strength, fitness skills often disregarded in the traditionally manly sports. With good balance, joint mobility and functional strength you are less limited in life and can fully enjoy playing with your kids, try new physical activities and just go about every day life easier.

2.  A real man lives consciously
A real man takes recreation seriously because that’s what gives him the power to cope with the stress of everyday life. If you don’t find time to disconnect from the world and give yourself full attention you will get edgy, irritated and in the longer perspective burned out. Not taking responsibility for a balanced life is plain stupidity. Yoga is a great way to totally disconnect from the world and to increase your physical and mental consciousness as it requires full attention on your breathing and on your body to develop your postures.

3. A real man age well
As you age it’s not your 1 rep max squat, your ability to score from the mid-field, or how fast your jab-cross-hook is but it’s your balance, joint mobility and functional strength that’ll keep you vital and independent. Prepare for those days now by complimenting your favorite physical activity with yoga.

How much of man are you?

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