3 Reasons Bodyweight Exercises are Great


Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years I know you have heard of bodyweigth exercises. Everybody seem to talk about them nowadays. Is it a fluke? Certainly not!

I am a big fan of body weight exercises, and you should be too! It wasn’t always like that for me though, I used to think of bodyweight exercises as granny gymnastics. However if you do it properly there is nothing stopping you from becoming just as tired as you need to be, it’s all up to you. Military branches have known this for a long time, there is nothing granny gymnastics about bodyweight exercises. To be quite honest, I only discovered how great they are myself a couple of years ago.

Below I have listed 3 reasons why I think they are so great.

1. Huge time and money saver!
This is kind of a no brainer, since bodyweight exercises such as the burpee can be done anywhere and requires no or very little equipment there is no reason to go to a gym. This means no extra travel, no membership fees and no waiting for others to finish. This alone should have you jumping for joy. Time is probably the biggest obstacale for parents and young professionals today. Even if you can fit a 30 minute exercise routine in, the 1 hour travel to and from the gym is enough to discourage a lot of people.

So with bodyweight exercises you remove one of the biggest hurdles to get going and the money you save you can use to eat better.

2. Natural movement
Basically all bodyweight exercises are natural movement, and at Reintegrate we love natural movement. Natural movement creates natural bodies. During my powerlifting years in my teens I spent a lot of time squating with lots of weight on the bar. I was basically wrapped in a powerlifting suits and had straps around my knees. It made me very strong, but the strength was also limited to the actual competition movements, in real life it wasn’t much use at all.

I am not saying that training for competitions is wrong, just don’t confuse competition training (often unnatural to reach the absolute maximum) with fitness training. Fitness training is aimed to keep you fit and to function well in everyday life, competition training is aimed to win competitions. HUGE difference.

Remember, natural movement creates natural bodies.

3. The perfect travel companion
I know a lot of you are in the middle of your career and travel is probably a part of your business life. Keep to a training program while on the road can be a big challenge. However, if your training program consists of bodyweight exercises all you need is a few square feet of hotel room space and you’re good to go. Why not use those boring hotel nights alone exercising instead?

If you weren’t a fan already I hope these simple reasons might convince you to give bodyweight exercises a try. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by e-mailing us.


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