Closeup of a runners feet barefoot running

3 Underrated Reasons Why Natural Running is Awesome


I guess it is no surprise to you that we like natural running (or Vivobarefoot running or POSE, whatever version you like) here at Reintegrate. My guess is that you do too, at least it has caught your interest. The reason most people find it is an interest in running technique or a search for something that will keep injuries away. This is all well and good but it all goes beyond this and I say that there are more reasons to consider. To me there are especially three reasons that I feel are underrated.

If the ordinary reasons aren’t enough to convince you, maybe these three reasons are for you.

1. Slippery surfaces don’t matter
Be honest, how many times have you skipped running because the ground is slippery, either from water, snow or ice? I know I have done it lots of time and the reasoning is that we don’t want to fall and get hurt. Fine! However if you use a natural running style and use foot placement directly under your center of gravity a slippery surface basically doesn’t matter. Why? Simple physics really, there is no force moving your feet backwards or forwards, your feet are simply moving up and down. To see it in action check out Dr Romanov (founder of POSE Method) running on ice. Only one thing though, you better make sure your technique is up to par!

2. Your footwear just keeps improving
If you are using “corrective footwear” , i.e shoes that are supposed to correct some technique flaw, you will be forced to get new shoes ever so often. If you use minimalist footwear without cushioning and no heel elevation they will just keep improving basically until they disintegrate. The only flaw they can develop is holes in the sole from being used but that normally takes a looooong time. Good news for your financial situation, no need for buying new shoes all the time.

3. You get to piss people off
For some reason natural running in combination with flat shoes (barefoot shoes) stir up a lot of emotion. When ever I tell people what I out on my feet when running I get a lot of different reactions. Everything from “doesn’t it hurt”, “that must be dangerous” to “well, you can’t do that on asphalt!”. Especially people spending mad sums of money on shoes that are supposed to correct their technique (technique training is rarely promoted in a lot of sport goods stores) feel threatened. I usually don’t spend my days trying to piss people off, but this way is quite fun actually. Try it!

Convinced yet? I hope so. What are your underrated reasons?