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6 Great Benefits of Eating Lean Meat

Eating is part of who we are. As they say we are what we eat. It is important to eat clean which is clearly the cornerstone of how we will conquer life’s greatest challenges. If we don’t watch what we eat we will never be able to move freely and live for others. That is why learning what we eat is an important part of our growth as a person and as a human being. And, human beings need to eat healthy foods to be able to achieve optimal health. Meat is an important part of human diet. Here are some of the great benefits of eating lean meats as we eat clean and right.

You get more proteins
Proteins are what lean meats are known for. Lean meats are rich sources of protein that the body needs to build muscles, organs and bodily fluids. The body needs to have an adequate supply of proteins to repair damage cells. This is important during pregnancy or even during childhood. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. It is used to build the bones, skin and even hormones. It is also a good source of calories that human use to move freely. The body cannot produce proteins on its own and need to get it externally. Lack of proteins can slow down metabolism and cause mood disorders.

You get healthier blood
Lean meat is a good source of iron and B-complex vitamins. Iron promotes healthy red blood production and prevent anemia especially among women during their pregnancy. It is best to eat meat and load up with vitamin C to ensure that you are absorbing iron from the meat properly.

You get more energy
Iron is important in increasing energy in the body. Iron from animal meat is easily absorbed by the body compared to other food sources. People lacking in iron may experience fatigue, weakness, pallor and irritability. It is important that people should have adequate amounts of iron to prevent the body from becoming weak.

You get low cholesterol
Contrary to popular belief, lean meat does not significantly contribute as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. A study conducted by RMIT University in Australia proved that eating lean meat can actually lower plasma cholesterol and contribute to an increase in Omega 3 levels in tissues. In fact, before discovering agriculture our ancestors were eating a diet which is high in meat. Lean meat, according to study is healthy and beneficial to the body as long as it is part of a balanced diet and the visible fat is trimmed prior to cooking.

You get relief from stress
Lean meat has a lot of B-complex vitamins, zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. An increase in Omega 3 fatty acids protects against inflammation and help ease symptoms of anxiety. This improves the mood and helps people to cope better with anxiety and stress.

You get to check diabetes
When people talk about diabetes they tend to think of limiting carbohydrates and sugar. In fact, most people that suffer from diabetes often die from heart disease and complications. A healthy diet does not only concern curbing the carbs and sugar but also taking a close look at fats. Recent study show that fat is also as dangerous to diabetics as sugar and carbs. Lean meats mean lesser fats. Another study shows that people that eat meat have easier time sticking to their diet plans. So go for meats that have loin and round on the label to keep it healthy.

Expect lean meat be more expensive than other meats in the market. Lean meat contains only 10 percent fat which owes to the fact that it is less likely to increase bad cholesterol levels in the body. When cooking lean meat, try to cut the visible fat and keep your portions in check. The key is to have your meat in healthy levels together with your fruits, vegetables and whole grains to complete a healthy diet that can make you live consciously.