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An Eat Clean Start – 7 Great Sites for Recipes


One of the biggest challenges you can have when starting out eating clean is knowing where to start. It all sounds easy, get good produce and make your own food, stay clear of additives and don’t eat fast food! However when you go shopping or when you are in the kitchen it is easy to feel lost.

This is how it was for me when my wife and I set out to improve our eating habits, all the information that was readily available was based on using canned or presperved stuff. I really felt lost, it felt like whatever I did just made me eat more of something else that was potentially bad for me. I would reduced sugar but instead get more artificial sweeteners, reduce sturated fats but get more sugar instead. It seemed like a viscious circle. I quickly realized that I needed better information and that I would have to start small to get anywhere.

First step
My first step was to buy as much organically grown produce as possible, heavy on the wallet at first but it really felt good. An even better approach is to get accustomed to the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen, basically two lists telling you what you really need to go organic on and what you can be a bit more “careless” with. After that I would start looking for recipes that used as much natural ingredients as possible, this took a while but was very important. Once you have tried out a bunch of recipes that suits your lifestyle, tastes great and uses ingredients you can find easily at a resonable price, everything changes. From there on eating clean really is as easy as it sounds. It just takes a while to get there.

The internet is a great resource when looking for recipes. But let’s face it, even though Google does their best to help out it is still hard to find the gems. To help you we have compiled a list of sites we use ourselves when looking for new inspiration. I hope this list will make your journey easier than mine was.

Busy But Healthy
Busy But Healthy is all about low sugar, high protein recipes for busy people. It is run by Kristine Fretwell who has been in the health and fitness industy for a long time and regularly writes for quite a few large sites.

The Vegan Zombie
This is a new find for me, I found their “Eat & Survive” project on Kickstarter and I just had to become a backer. The Vegan Zombie is an online vegan cooking show with a twist. The back story is that all animal products in the world have become infected with a zombie virus so the only way to stay alive is to eat strictly vegan. I just love it! If you’re looking for vegan recipes, why not get them from a fun place?!?

Fitbottomed Eats
The tag line of Fitbottomed Eats is “Being a foody with a hot booty”, it tells it all really. You can enjoy and be interested in food and still be fit. This is a good place to start. It was on Fitbottomed Eats I found the recipe I use now for protein bars, they tase great and it feel good to be in control over what is in them.

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
This iste is run by George, a 27 year old US Marine. He has gone through a very interesting journey himself and what he shares, he has tried. If the Paleo diet is interesting to you, this is a good place to visit.

Primal Kitchen
Primal kitchen is another paleo-centric site with a family twist, well worth a visit.

Joyfull Belly
If you are interested in ayurvedic cooking as I have become lately, Joyfull Belly is a good place to start. Not only for recipes but for everything that has to do with ayurveda. I believe we have lots to learn from this ancient wisdom.

If you are a vegetarian or would simply like to add more vegetarian meals to your diet, VegWeb has everything you need.

What is your favorite site for recipes?