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Barefoot running (pt 1) – Run as you were designed to


Being interested in MovNat I came across Barefoot Ted and had an eureka moment realizing that I have taken the completely wrong approach to running. I’ve taken the approach the $20 billion running shoe industry wants me to.

For the past 15 years or so I have weighed in at around 85-95 kg (14 stones) and I have always had running shoes with thick cushioning to reduce the impact of all my kilos striking the ground heel first.

On top of this I have twisted both of my ankles a couple of times through the years. Last time it took 6 months before I could run without ankle pain again, I now run with extra cushioned running shoes and for a while even taped the ankles to prevent further injury.

Actually,  as a kid I was walking too much (according to whom?) on the ball of my foot and the local doctor gave me special types of clogs with high firm collar around the heel to reduce ankle flexibility and force me to land on the heel.  It really worked….

The modern running shoe was essentially invented by Nike in 1972, and the running shoe industry has become a $20 billion industry. Loads of money involved and loads of fancy new features introduced to the running shoes every year so the shoe makers can gain market share over the competitors.

Hmm.. makes my wonder…..

Didn’t people run before 1972?
If they did, was the injury levels dramatically higher than now?
Are running shoes preventing or causing injuries?

Read this article and check this video, to get a quick intro to barefoot running.

I am convinced, it all makes sense, I will retire the running shoes, get a wobble board to start building up the muscles of the foot and ankle again and investigate if to buy Vibram Fivefingers , maybe Feelmax , or have a go at making Huarache running sandals.

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What do you think?
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