learn to be happy with reintegrate

Happiness is only real when shared.

Only 22 years old, already feeling suffocated by the materialism of society, Christopher McCandless ran away from the trappings of from modern life in pursuit of true happiness.

Free from possessions he set off on his “Alaskan Odyssey”, hiking north living from he could hunt and gather himself and what people offered him on the way. On his journey he meets people that leave an impression on him but every time he gets too close to somebody he breaks up and continues north. Poorly prepared, bringing more classical literature than outdoor equipment he starves to death in abandoned bus  just off the Stampede trail in Denali National Park after 3 months. He last entry in his diary was: “Happiness is only real when shared.”

I believe that the inner journey is key to living an integrated life, a life where all your actions resonate in harmony with the true you. A life where your actions are not muddled by disillusions such as  poor self-esteem leading to actions driven by gaining an advantage over others.  Living a life in consciousness is to give love, to show genuine compassion. Happiness is only real when shared.


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