How to create your own reality!

How to control your thoughts and create your own reality

You are not awake. You may think you are, but are you really? You perceive the world because of electrical impulses in your brain that convert the world around you into a readable format. Every single one of us perceive things differently, because our brains are all unique. Who is to decide what is right or wrong? What is true? What is reality? Awaken your unconscious mind to learn to live consciously.

We’re all conditioned from an early age to interpret reality in a way that make us conform to the prevailing views of the society we grow up in. Your parents point at a toy and say “blue” so your brain builds connections between the color you see and the word you hear. Through school your parents, teachers and the community tells you to study hard because you must get good grades so you can get to University so you can get a good job with a stable company so you can get a good salary and get a mortgage to get a nice home and still have enough to save for retirement. Recognise that? At least that was my “model of reality” growing up.

What is reality? Is your blue somebody else’s green? Is the model of reality your parents and teachers lay upon you real?

I remember one line in particular from Sir Richard Branson’s autobiography, he said: “I would probably not have become an entrepreneur had I gone to University because there I would have learned how hard it is to start a company.” In his reality starting a company is easy. Is his reality wrong?

There is no proof of reality; you may think there is because you can touch, smell, taste and see the world around you, but how do you know you’re not asleep? You could be asleep right now, and the truth is that reality is just a strong illusion. When you realise this you can start the process of consciousness engineering, and adapt ‘reality’ to your needs.

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Have you ever had a dream that convinced you it was real life? Of course you have, the fabricated world around you is so ‘real’ to you that your brain restores reality by giving you the sensations of feel, sight, taste and smell, inside the dream. Inside a dream you can taste something and your mind tells you what it tastes like but haven’t actually put something in your mouth during the dreaming. Your mind creates an experience that is coherent with your perceptions of reality.

Our minds do not function well with the lack of reality, so it builds one for us no matter the circumstances. To be aware of this, to recognise that your mind has constructed a reality, to question that reality and to adapt it – that is to live consciously.

On the subject of dreams, have you ever had a dream in which you have come to realise that you are dreaming? This is called a lucid dream, and we all have one at least once in our life. When you realise that you’re dreaming the ‘dream world’ essentially becomes your playground. If you think hard enough you can make anything happen. In a lucid dream you live consciously under the illusion of the dream world around you, and you can use consciousness engineering to cater it to your needs and desires.

Now, it may seem farfetched, but imagine you could do this in the real world. For all you know you’re asleep right now, there’s nothing telling you you’re not dreaming. It’s time to wake up. Thousands of people have ‘woken up’ already, and are starting to see the reality of our world; the slavery of society, the illusion of money, the illusion of power, the fake limitations, borders and rules. When you wake up, you see the world for what it is, and can start to make huge changes that can change the course of your life, and begin the process of consciousness engineering.

Unlock your own reality
Consciousness engineering is the process of realising the illusion of reality, and bending your mind and the world around you to create a reality that supports you. Use consciousness engineering to create a new way of thinking, a new system if you will. The new system throws out the old outdated ideas that you had about reality, and enables you to become you your authentic self. With consciousness engineering you can upgrade the key models of every aspect of your life; your money, career, lifestyle, relationships, and even happiness.

By ‘hacking’ reality and realising that limitations are only set by your own mind, you can reach new levels of success and happiness. It’s not as impossible as it seems, our entire world is based upon what we think of it, and our interpretation of reality is only limited by our mind.


With the right methods of consciousness engineering, we can break down the back doors of reality and create a new lucid world, a world in which our life dreams can be fulfilled by ourselves – a world in which we can be safer, happier, wiser, and more successful. Reality is not what you think it is, and you only realise this when you wake up.

We are only limited by our sleeping mind, it’s time to live consciously, realise the true fabric of our reality, and wake up! When you wake up, ‘reality’ becomes a lucid dream, anything is possible, there are no limits, and above all, it’s fun! It becomes easier to reach success, and you become happy by throwing away your self-limiting beliefs!