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Kill your darlings

A few days ago an article in the Swedish tabloid newspaper got me firing on all four cylinders. It’s about a young obese boy being sent to a health camp by his obese parents and in the article the mother says: “I hope he gets a kick-start to an active life style!”

#$$%#*& #&!@#$!! It’s not the boy that needs a health camp, it’s YOU dear mother and father!! How is one week at a health camp going to make this poor little boy kick-start an active life style in a home environment like that?

Consider this:

  • The single highest risk factor for children obesity is parent obesity (source)
  • 80% of the obese 10 to 14 year-old with an obese parent will be obese as an adult (source)
  • 65% of all obese teens will be obese as an adults, even if neither parent is obese (source)

In the article you see this beautiful boy smiling to the camera but the article tells of bullying due to his weight and how he totally lost all motivation and energy last winter. The once happy boy is now often sad.

Isn’t seeing your beloved child being bullied due to his weight and all the mental scares that leaves behind enough motivation for a parent to clean up his/her own act, walk to the talk and become the role model a parent is supposed to be?

Then factor in that the parents current behavior is setting their beautiful son off on the highway towards diabetes, coronary disease and most likely a premature death.

The mother expects her little son to have the self-discipline to take everything he learns in the health camp and consistently apply it in his home environment, maybe even educating his parents to follow suit.

He’s 9 years old.

The solution to the boys health issues is very simple.

  • The parents lead by example!
If the parents “kick-start an active life style”, learn how to clean up their diet, have regular meals together, incorporate some kind of sport in the weekly family routine, set a target to lose 50kg each and positively engage their son in their own transformation I bet you that within weeks that smile is back on his face as he is playing with his friends again.

Hey, I said it was simple, not easy.

The parents current approach is very easy for them but it’s killing their son.
Isn’t this what is called negligent manslaughter?

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