Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013


As we have made the move into 2014 it is a good time to look back at 2013 and summarize. I thought it would be a great idea to list the blog posts I have found most inspiring during the year. Remember this is my list, you may not agree with all of it. Hopefully you will find something new in this list as well.

1. Zen Habits – Discomfort Zone: How to master the Universe

No top 10 list for 2013 can be complete without a post from Zen Habits so why not lead with it? Leo Babuta is nailing it with this post on how to get comfortable with discomfort. It is outside your comfort zone all magic happens. You can also read our take on the Comfort Zone Zombie Syndrome.

2. Fit Bottomed Eats Protein Bars

I was very happy when I found this recipe, protein bars are great post work-out but if you buy them how can you really know what is in them? More often than not protein bars contain way to much sugar. The solution is of course to make your own and be in total control. If you are truly serious about eating clean, you need to be in control.

3. Lifehack – Spend Time Alone

This is a short gem of a post by Brian Lee, quite recent too. There is nothing like solitude if you want to focus. We think we all know it, but we need posts like this to remind us.

4. tiny buddha – Why Screwing Things Up Is Crucial To Your Well-Being

Perfectionism can be absolutely devastating, finding out that you are fine just the way you are is what we all need. Michelle Russell puts in things in perspective in this post drawing from her own experience. Nice one!

5. 5 Brain Hacks That Give You Mind-Blowing Powers

Learning new tricks to boost productivity or use your mind better is always fun. This post puts a few extra tricks in your tool bag. Who can say no to that?

6. Busy But Healthy – I Didn’t Get This Way By Starving Myself

Getting back in shape after giving birth is high on the list for many women, in this post Kristine of Busy But Healthy tells you how she did it. Lots of tips for everyone actually, women and men. We just love Busy But Healthy, lots of great stuff there.

7. Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Why It Is Hard To Make Friends Over 30 And What To Do About It

This post touches on a problem all adults face, the circle of friends you have at one point is pretty much the circle of friends you have 30 years later. This can be frightening for some people but there are things you can do.

8. Steve Pavlina – Habits and the Long View

Steve Pavlina takes a look at how your habits create results in the future. When you look at habits this way, they start to mean something else. Also read what I wrote on acquiring new habits.

9. Emma Seppälä – Regulation of Emotion through both Body & Mind

A very informative look at how yoga and breathing exercises can influence your mind and well-being. As you know, we are quite fond of yoga here at Reintegrate.

10. Sources of Insight – The Holy Grail of Skill

This is a great post on how to acquire a skill faster than you ever thought possible.

Did I miss anything?

So what do you say? Which gems did I miss? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an e-mail.