Unexpected Benefits of Exercising with Kids


Have you tried excercising with your kids as I suggested some time ago? I hope you have. If you haven’t maybe you need some extra incentive. The first articel was about removing a perceived obstacle. Maybe this isn’t the correct way to see it. When that “obstacle” was removed, what I found was that it brings some unexpected benefits. It is not just about making time, it can also improve your exercise itself. I like killing two birds with one stone. Making more time for exercise and getting better exercise, is that possible? It certainly is, read on to find out how.

If you are already exercising (without kids) you have most likely found out that after a while a few problems arise. You fall into a routine that is hard to break. Boredom sets in and it can become increasingly more difficult to push yourself. Also, even if you keep your motivation up your body is very good at finding ways not to work so hard. It takes real effort keep things interesting and keeping your body guessing.

So, now for the unexpected benefits:

  1. Instant variety. Kids taking lead when exercising will think very differently from you. This means that you will jump, skip, twirl, crawl and climb your way through your session. You will discover muscles you forgot you had. The unusual twist and turns are great ways challenging your body and keeping you on your toes so to speak. You will look quite stupid at times, but that is fun too. People instantly forgive you for looking stupid if you do it with kids, I promise.
  2. “Effortless” interval training. Many people never take up interval training beacuse it seems to require to much of an effort. Interval training is often recommended for running faster for example but working it into your training can be a real challenge. Kids don’t care about pacing themselves and this will introduce and force interval training on you. You basically get it for free. This could be the thing you need to get results at a whole new level.
  3. New ideas. All the training litterature in the world cannot replace the mind of a child. The number of new ideas you can pick up from training with kids is enormos. The trick is of course to pick up the ideas and work it into your everyday routine. However, without the kids you have to decide for yourself how stupid you want to look.

But what do you do if you don’t have kids? Well, why not team up with a friend with kids? You get to spend more time with your friend at the same time as getting all the benefits of exercising with kids. Not a bad deal at all.

Try it!
All in all, I hope this inspires you to try and to become aware of that being coached by kids is great! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that exercising with kids is not challenging, try it and you will find out.

Have you noticed other unexpected benefits of exercising with kids?