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What’s the one thing you know you need to change but still don’t?


What’s the one thing you know you need to change because you know will bring huge positive impact on your quality of live but you still can’t pull yourself together to act on?

Let me tell you a true story. There’s this guy I know, not a close friend but we run into each other every couple of weeks through mutual friends. His name is Adam and he is in his mid-thirties.  Adam has big problems with atopic eczema. Seriously big problems with red inflamed skin all over his body. Dry flakes of skin around his eyes and on his hands. His hands, under arms, chest and shoulder often scratched up with thin lines of blood from his nails desperately trying to ease the itching but just making it worse.

I know what he is going through because I’ve had it as well. Not as hellish as Adam though, my problems were mainly hands and around the eyes. I’ve seen dermatologists from childhood until I was in my mid-twenties to try to get rid of it and all the collective wisdom of Western medicinal knowledge pointed towards was cortisone. So on and off for 10-15 years I used cortisone creams to reduce the inflammation and various types of creams to keep the skin moist. It gave me some temporary relief and some long-term issues with thin skin on the areas I applied cortisone.

Eventually, in my mid-twenties did my atopic eczema suddenly disappear. Why? I did one change to my diet. I cut all dairy products and pretty much over night did my eczema and adult acne go away. I’m not saying that’s a typical correlation but it was a life changing realisation for me.

Back to Adam. I’ve shared my experience with him and suggested that maybe he should cut dairy for a week just to see if it has any impact on his eczema (if nothing else to be able to rule dairy out as the root cause). His response was “But that’s impossible! So what do I have for breakfast and what do I have in my coffee and my tea and… and…”. Like talking to wall.

Two weeks later I ran into Adam and his eczema was worse than ever. He told me that he had have a cortisone injection earlier in the week and his eczema had disappeared over night. He felt like a king for another 48 hours and then it came back with a vengeance. “What’s your doctor saying about this?” I asked him. “I’m so afraid he’ll put me on a special diet now?”

One month later I run into Adam again and his eczema is better than ever. “Great man, your new diet is working!!” “Hmm. No, I had a cortisone injection again yesterday.”

WHAT THE F*#K?!?!?! Did I hear that right? He’d rather have cortisone injections to relief the symptoms for 72 hours than try a diet for one week to see if he can fix the root cause.

Adam knows he need to change his diet but still doesn’t. Some people know they need to lose weight to regain the joys of life but still do not. Some know they need to stop working overtime to not miss the kids growing up but still do not. Some know they need to deal with their depression or they will break themselves and their relationship but still they do not.

What’s the one thing you know you need to change but still don’t?
Recognising and accepting your biggest obstacle to a more fulfilling life is the first step to overcoming it. You probably already know what it is. No need to share it with anybody or act on it just yet but you must accept and embrace it.

We’ll leave you with this for now and will get back with our thoughts on the next step – the first step towards a more fulfilling life!

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