eating clean and vitamin supplements

Why Are You Using Vitamin Supplements?


Have you ever thought about why you are using the vitamin supplements you use? My money is on that you haven’t. Follow along and I will help you get some clarity around this topic.

You see the commercials everywhere basically telling you that if you don’t get the advertised vitamin supplements you will die a slow painful death. Hard to argue with, right? Well, you got to remember who is telling who what, what they really mean is “buy OUR supplements or WE, VITAMINS R US, die a slow painful death”. Dollars for vitamins, that’s where it’s at.

Back in the day
Back in my teens as a competing power lifter I was a big consumer of vitamin supplements, especially B12 and vitamin C. I probably have an unofficial world record in the number of times I have changed the color of my urine. The idea I had was that in order to make sure nothing was in the way of me getting stronger I would make sure there was no way I didn’t get enough vitamins so I consumed a hell of a lot more than what was recommended on the bottles.  I bought vitamin C in big buckets (literally) as dissolvable tables of 1 gram of vitamin C each and I was using 6 or 7 of those minimum a day, and I was eating B12 until you could smell it out of every pore on my body, charming right?

Although the basic idea may not seem so bad, make sure you get enough, I was consuming all of these supplements and at the same time eating a lot of food and a lot of vegetables. Did I need the supplements? Probably not. I also think that if (a big IF perhaps) you are eating clean, most of the supplementys you are eating are just a waste of money. If you concentrate on getting high quality produce and skip the semi-processed ingredients, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables the risk of you not getting the vitamins you need are slim to none. The exception may be vitamin E which can be difficult to get in your diet.

Know why!
There is nothing wrong with taking some supplements to complement your already healthy diet but if you put all your hopes into supplements all you end up with is empty pockets and very expensive colorful urine!

So this is what I want you to do. Take a long hard look at what you are eating, why not sign up for Reintegrate 101 to get help with that. Then take a long hard look at the supplements you consume and the reasons you consume them. If you come to the conclusion that you are using the supplements as an alibi for not eating healthy, well you can figure out what to do. If you cannot figure out why you are using the vitamin supplements you are using, chances are that you have fallen pray to advertising and when you know that figure out what you want to do.

There is nothing wrong with using a supplement to be on the safe side, what I want you to do is make sure you know why you are using the supplement. Knowing why you do something puts you in control, and that is what we want!

Also remember that if your doctor tells you to take supplements, follow his/her advise not mine, that goes without saying.

So, do you know why you use supplements? Are you in control?