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Shake Up the Rebel in You

  This year I completed forty eight years of my life and was the first one to wish myself a very happy and positive year ahead. After surviving many years of emotional violence, I believe that happiness is my own state of mind and I am my own master. No one in this world has […]

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benefits of intermittent fasting

Lose weight and have more energy with intermittent fasting

  Did you also go totally over the top with food and drinks during the holiday season? Many people did and then made a new years resolution to clean up their life style. The ambition to lose weight, stop smoking and drinking, start running and become the Mr or Ms Beach of the Year is […]

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Food facts: what makes healthy breakfast so important?

  I fondly remember the days when my mom ran after me with a glass of juice or milk in one hand and sandwich in the other. However, mostly I managed to run away with my school bag. It took me years to understand what my mother tried to teach me back then. This is […]

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When Sickness Strikes, It Doesn’t Pay to be Passive

  Gone are the lazy, carefree, and sick-free days of summer. If you’re anything like me, you are dreading the coming of the winter months. Not only do the days seem to drag on forever and you begin feeling as if you are being held prisoner inside, you are also way more susceptible to catching […]

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eat clean reintegrate

Get you energy back by cutting one staple food!

  A few weeks back I told you that I’m in a spell of procrastination and suffered from general lack of energy. Despite knowing most of the tricks in the book on how to beat procrastination with priority setting, blocking time, breaking down tasks to simple sub-tasks, de-cluttering my work environment and all the rest […]

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reintegrate eat clean

What the f#*k is wrong with people and their food?

  I’m angry. Passing a famous fast food chain that nowadays also often have a cafe  I noticed an obese family enjoying lunch with their desserts already lined up. Super-sized meals with all the attributes and muffins as large as GMO-oranges for dessert. I am sure that all tastes awesome! The parents where probably 35-40 […]

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An Eat Clean Start – 7 Great Sites for Recipes

  One of the biggest challenges you can have when starting out eating clean is knowing where to start. It all sounds easy, get good produce and make your own food, stay clear of additives and don’t eat fast food! However when you go shopping or when you are in the kitchen it is easy […]

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Why You Might Not Be Drinking Enough Water

  In our day, there’s always a more “interesting” or “fun” option than water. It might have started with carbonated soda, which produced several decades where drinking plain water wasn’t even in the cards for most people. It just didn’t taste as good. Even today, we’ve got all manner of flavored drinks and flavored water […]

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Tips for Parents on Getting Kids to Eat Healthier

  Health living is what every parent wants their kids to have. In order to promote healthy childhood eating, parents should keep the kids well informed about eating healthy and the benefits and hence should keep in mind the following tips: A parent should insist on regular family meals. This can be done by: Serving […]

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How to Make Your Own Ghee

  When setting out to eating clean the ingreadients you use are very important of course. The first thing people look into is using non modified organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as locally produced meat. Good choices of course but it is all to simple to forget about ingreadients such as butter and […]

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