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reintegrate how to find your passion

How to find your passion and purpose

  You may have seen a picture similar to this before about how to enjoy a purposeful life if you only focus on work in the intersection between money, talent and passion. Simple right? Well, not really. How many people […]

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Infographic: 10 science based reasons to start meditating today

  Emma Seppala is doing some very interesting research into happiness and health and she has a knack for presenting her findings very effectively. This infographic about the health benefits of  meditation is very interesting and certainly made us renew […]

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

  As we have made the move into 2014 it is a good time to look back at 2013 and summarize. I thought it would be a great idea to list the blog posts I have found most inspiring during […]

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Become a Master of Five Minute Practice

  How do you find time to enjoy and develop your hobby? Or have you given up on your hobby to prioritize “the important stuff”? I love playing the harmonica. It gives me a chance to relax, take a break […]

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Being a role model – for your children and for yourself.

  On my birthdays, just like my new year eves, I can’t help but to reflect on life and ponder some of the bigger questions. So the other day, turning 39, alone in a hotel room in Bucharest watching the […]

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Unexpected Benefits of Exercising with Kids

  Have you tried excercising with your kids as I suggested some time ago? I hope you have. If you haven’t maybe you need some extra incentive. The first articel was about removing a perceived obstacle. Maybe this isn’t the […]

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How to Remove the Biggest Exercise Obstacle for Parents

  Most know they should exercise more. You hear it all the time, “I really need to exercise more”, “I wish I had the time to get to the gym” etc. Have you used excuses like this yourself? I know […]

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How not to clean!

Crossfit Games – elite fitness or elite craziness?

  Last Sunday saw the close of CrossFit Games Open 2013, the first round of qualifications that will take competitors via the regionals to the CrossFit Games held in California in July. CrossFit Games is the self-proclaimed world championships in […]

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life lessons with reintegrate

38 things the first 38 years taught me about life

  Hey. Good New Years party last night? I skipped the party and had a cozy family evening in nice little hotel in the Tyrollean Alps talking about life – what’s been and what’s to come. While I am not […]

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personal development inspiration

12 blogs inspiring you to Take Charge of Your Life

  In the process of creating the Reintegrate site a number of other blogs have been huge sources of inspiration. Here is a list of some that are not only inspirational but also in one way or the other exemplifies […]

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