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Infograhics: Yoga Boosts Brain Function

  We love yoga at Reintegrate for many reasons. Check this infographics if you aren´t a yoga lover already! Via Great post on your brain and yoga! To TweetPowered By CoSchedule

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How to convert waiting time into exercise time

  One of the most frequent excuses people have for not exercising is “I don’t have time for it”. Do you recognize that? Time has become a very very limited resouce in today’s society. Between job, commute, school or daycare pickup and crocery shopping getting enough time to go to the gym can really be […]

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How to get fit and toned fast! – A guide for women (that applies to men as well)

  We received an email from one of our readers and it’s on a topic with a lot misconceptions so we thought we’d share our view on the topic with you all. It’s quite a long article but for the lazy people here’s the quick summary of the article: Running makes you a runner! Distance running is inefficient […]

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Are the Ancient Practices of Yoga and Meditation a Cure-All?

  We love yoga. As a compliment to other training to stay supple and as a workout in itself. We use different styles of yoga depending on our objective for the particular session, leaning towards Ashtanga for more of a strength workout, towards Iyengar yoga to work on flexibility and range of motion and going more […]

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Importance of Squats in a Fitness Regime

  Regular readers of Reintegrate will remember we’re big fans of the squat as a fundamental movement in exercise and managing your day to day activities. We wrote about the benefits of squatting and gave you 6 principles of a good squat a while back and here’s a nice infographic about squatting from guest author […]

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How to boost your energy through breathing

  Do you ever feel tired for no good reason? For some reason your energy just gets drained sometimes? Let me tell you, you are not alone and my guess is that about 90 percent of people today (at least in the western world) spend their days without enough oxygene in their system. Oxygene as […]

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3 Underrated Reasons Why Natural Running is Awesome

  I guess it is no surprise to you that we like natural running (or Vivobarefoot running or POSE, whatever version you like) here at Reintegrate. My guess is that you do too, at least it has caught your interest. The reason most people find it is an interest in running technique or a search […]

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How I Freed My Feet and Why You Must Do the Same

  Think back to your early days, I’m talking the summers when you were 5 or 6 years old. How were you spending your days? Most likely you were playing a lot running around barefoot not caring too much about the small stones and gravel on the ground. Have you tried doing that now? I […]

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Does Exercise Equal Happiness?

  As I am pushing 40, it’s getting excessively more difficult to ignore my body as it’s giving me obvious signs that I am no longer in my 20s. Recently, I’ve been trying to do my best to get a bit more exercise throughout my day in order to stave off gaining weight. We’ve decided […]

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How I Stay Active Despite Working 10 Hours at a Desk Everyday

As someone who uses the computer all day as a career, the lack of exercise had taken its toll. I never really understood just how out of shape I was until I tried to play a few games with my children over the summer. I’m definitely not 20-something anymore. In light of this new version […]

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