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Fredrik life coach on communication

3 Steps Towards More Meaningful Conversations

Women are from Venus and men are to the point. Or how does the saying go? You know the situation – women want to be heard and men want to solve a problem. I don’t have the magic trick to make men and women communicate effortlessly but I can share one little trick to communication that certainly will help you better understand how to communicate with anybody. I have found that this deeper understanding of communication has been very helpful in all conversations in life. We live in an age where information is abundant and still the right information at the right time can be the most valuable asset. The number of technologies and channels for information sharing has exploded over the past 20 years and still we pay little attention to verifying the meaning the information. Talking about information is actually a bit tricky so let’s start by trying to understand the concept of information. The scientific definition of the word is very different from the common, everyday use of the word.
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Life coach fredrik lyhagen about self limiting beliefs

Fishing for elephants (and killing self-limiting beliefs)

On the journey towards greatness you must go fishing for elephants. The bigger the better. Knowing where to fish and which bait to use takes experience and when an elephant bites it can be a long fight to reel it in. And then, it’s time to kill it. Fishing for elephants can be a long-winded and painful experience but it’s one of those things you must go through on your inner journey towards greatness. The elephants are the obvious self-limiting beliefs that no one wants to discuss. And it’s the elephants that you’re after – catch an elephant, take the time it takes to reel it in and kill it and you can make leaps on your inner journey towards greatness.
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Life coach Fredrik Lyhagen about the ultimate exercise

Get Fit in 5 Minutes a Day with the Ultimate Body Weight Exercise

How long is your list of excuses for not working out? I’m pretty sure I have used them all but give it a shot—surprise me! People get very creative with excuses and sometimes an excuse become a mantra to rationalize to yourself why not to work out, with expressions ranging from “I don’t have the time” to ” I don’t have the equipment”. However, there’s one fantastic exercise that wins over these two excuses (and most others), leaving you with only your weak character left to overcome. It’s a great conditioning exercise that engages your entire body; it builds strength, and you can adjust the intensity from a light mobility exercise to making you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck. All this after only 5 min of exercise, without equipment and in just 20 square feet of space.
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Holistic life coach Lyhagen on sharing success

Share Your Small Successes In Your Day to Day Work

You know those colleagues who seem to define their work responsibilities by email forwarding and conference call attendance? Their actual contribution to the business is zilch, but they manage to advance their careers, and you hate them for it! But don’t be fooled—they have an important lesson to teach you, and you can take advantage of what they teach without joining them. These people are generally losers who have found little tricks to manage their “careers”. I call them them hyenas; corporate hyenas, because they hang around the lions and leopards—people who do real work—and live off their kills. Only occasionally will they hunt and kill themselves, and when they get pressured, they may chase off the lions and leopards to get a fresh piece of meat.
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