An ode to living consciously

take charge of your life

A friend of mine received a farewell email with the below poem from a colleague leaving corporate life after many years. This is the most profound and beautiful I have read in a long time. Read it slowly, take in every sentence, pause and ponder. Share your thoughts in the comments below. It doesn’t interest […]

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Denmark introduce “fat tax”

tips for a clean diet

  We’ve got used to point taxation on alcohol and tobacco as a means for the government to influence the population’s consumption in an ambition to improve overall health. Most people think this is a fair system as both alcohol and tobacco is harmful to health and clearly linked to premature death, directly and indirectly. Denmark is […]

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The only spirituality quote you need!

live consciously with reintegrate

I follow a number of “gurus” on Facebook and Twitter. Most of them really are gurus in a specific discipline, too many of them are also  “wanna-be spiritual gurus”. The “wanna-be spiritual gurus” typically have long background in some sport, a few medals or equivalent and truly are authorities in that particular sport, however, they attempt an […]

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Forty, fat and finished?

forty fat and finished

  Forty, fat and finished? If you recognize yourself, give or take a decade on the age,  I urge you to read on, it’s quite likely you suffer from metabolic syndrome, and you need to start saving your own life now! Ok, you’re in good company, you and an estimated 25% of all American adults, but […]

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