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Shake Up the Rebel in You

  This year I completed forty eight years of my life and was the first one to wish myself a very happy and positive year ahead. After surviving many years of emotional violence, I believe that happiness is my own state of mind and I am my own master. No one in this world has […]

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How to Become a Shoulder to Lean On

  Hands up, who’s a problem solver? I know I am, my engineering education quickly kicks in when I am presented with a problem. It feels good to be a problem solver doesn’t it? Does it always work? Not likely. Read on to find out when being a “problem solver” is actually a problem. If […]

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The Little Things

  Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s the little things that matter most”? What do you think that means? To me, I have learned that it is the little things that matter most in relationships. With your kids, your spouse, your parents or your friends, it is truly the little things that create memories. […]

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Don't be pessimist! Learn to live consciously!

How to fight pessimism!

  We received an email from one of our readers and it’s a theme we’ve seen before expressed in different ways. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the world, the feeling of helplessness and interpreting the world from a position of pessimism. This is cleary a self-sabotaging approch to life and if not addressed can […]

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To Get Healthy Embrace Imperfection

  I’m a slightly overweight vegetarian with the occasional bout of adult acne. Being as healthy as possible doesn’t mean living a perfectly healthy life. And we all know that doing everything “right” won’t guarantee perfect outcomes. In fact, striving for perfection can have the opposite effect and make you feel more stressed, which can lead to health […]

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