How to grow your own wheat grass!

Step by step instructions on how to grow your own wheat grass! For more on why wheat grass is good see this video!

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How to control your thoughts and create your own reality

You are not awake. You may think you are, but are you really? You perceive the world because of electrical impulses in your brain that convert the world around you into a readable format. Every single one of us perceive things differently, because our brains are all unique. Who is to decide what is right […]

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Amazingly beautiful display of strength and balance

This video quickly went viral and has almost 8 million views. It also stirred up some emotions and comments around sexism but don’t be so high-strung and enjoy this amazing display of strength and balance by Briohny Smyth of Equinox.

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Yoga boosts brain function

Infograhics: Yoga Boosts Brain Function

  We love yoga for many reasons. Did you know that a 2010 study showed that 30 min of mediation a day for 8 weeks reduced fair and anxiety and improved memory? Or that meditation can reduce sensitivity to pain, even more so than morphine? Check the infographic below on some of the less known […]

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squat with reintegrate

How to convert waiting time into exercise time

  One of the most frequent excuses people have for not exercising is “I don’t have time for it”. Do you recognize that? Time has become a very very limited resouce in today’s society. Between job, commute, school or daycare pickup and crocery shopping getting enough time to go to the gym can really be […]

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