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An Eat Clean Start – 7 Great Sites for Recipes

  One of the biggest challenges you can have when starting out eating clean is knowing where to start. It all sounds easy, get good produce and make your own food, stay clear of additives and don’t eat fast food! However when you go shopping or when you are in the kitchen it is easy […]

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reintegrate happiness

What cake mix can teach us about happiness!

  You know the cake mixes you can get in the supermarket? While they represent most of what we at Reintegrate hate about food they can actually teach us an important lesson about happiness. Cake mixes were first experimented with in the 20′s but were not really launched commercially until after World War II when […]

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Why You Might Not Be Drinking Enough Water

  In our day, there’s always a more “interesting” or “fun” option than water. It might have started with carbonated soda, which produced several decades where drinking plain water wasn’t even in the cards for most people. It just didn’t taste as good. Even today, we’ve got all manner of flavored drinks and flavored water […]

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What Your Kids Can Teach You About Focus

  What does your day look like? Let me take a guess, every minute of the day is filled with at least two activities at once. Modern society puts very high pressure on us to produce more and more all the time. You ask somebody about their strengths, you can bu sure to find some […]

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The Slacker’s Guide To Running 5K

  Everyone has one of those friends who posts pictures on Facebook of their marathon times and placement. If each and every picture makes you feel inadequate, worry not. Even the biggest slackers among us are capable of getting into reasonable enough shape to run a mini-marathon. For those who put off a 20-page essay […]

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Tips for Parents on Getting Kids to Eat Healthier

  Health living is what every parent wants their kids to have. In order to promote healthy childhood eating, parents should keep the kids well informed about eating healthy and the benefits and hence should keep in mind the following tips: A parent should insist on regular family meals. This can be done by: Serving […]

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How to Make Your Own Ghee

  When setting out to eating clean the ingreadients you use are very important of course. The first thing people look into is using non modified organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as locally produced meat. Good choices of course but it is all to simple to forget about ingreadients such as butter and […]

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Maintaining a Healthy Brain for Healthy Lifestyle

  Good healthy brain is very important to keep yourself active, reduce stress, more integrated and enjoy healthy, and longer life. By a healthy brain we mean no tensions, less stress, and lower anxiety levels. The key to live a long and peaceful life is to carry on a good set of activities that would […]

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create happiness

How to create the habit of happiness

  We live in a society of instant gratification and the expectation of it combined with the perceived abundance of opportunity has made us comfortable to a degree where we forsake ourselves and numb the inner emptiness with increasingly easier forms of instant gratification. And jumping from one quick-fix to the next is a recipe […]

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The number one reason tasks fail

  I think you’ll recognize yourself here. Read on and I’ll share a great trick to become more productive! So, here’s how I used to function: Every now and then I’d get tired of my somewhat chaotic way of handling all the things I had to get done. Tired of forgetting things, of missing deadlines, […]

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