To Get Healthy Embrace Imperfection

  I’m a slightly overweight vegetarian with the occasional bout of adult acne. Being as healthy as possible doesn’t mean living a perfectly healthy life. And we all know that doing everything “right” won’t guarantee perfect outcomes. In fact, striving for perfection can have the opposite effect and make you feel more stressed, which can lead to health […]

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move freely with reintegrate

How to get fit and toned fast! – A guide for women (that applies to men as well)

  We received an email from one of our readers and it’s on a topic with a lot misconceptions so we thought we’d share our view on the topic with you all. It’s quite a long article but for the lazy people here’s the quick summary of the article: Running makes you a runner! Distance running is inefficient […]

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yoga and meditation cure all

Are the Ancient Practices of Yoga and Meditation a Cure-All?

  We love yoga. As a compliment to other training to stay supple and as a workout in itself. We use different styles of yoga depending on our objective for the particular session, leaning towards Ashtanga for more of a strength workout, towards Iyengar yoga to work on flexibility and range of motion and going more […]

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How to break free from prorities and get productive with lists

  Many years ago somebody recommended me to use priority lists, basically start each day by prioritizing the tasks of the day and then execute in that order. At the end of the day you were supposed to have completed your most important tasks be left with a great feeling of accomplishment. I have to […]

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To move freely is to squat well!

Importance of Squats in a Fitness Regime

  Regular readers of Reintegrate will remember we’re big fans of the squat as a fundamental movement in exercise and managing your day to day activities. We wrote about the benefits of squatting and gave you 6 principles of a good squat a while back and here’s a nice infographic about squatting from guest author […]

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